BRUHM Water Dispenser BWD-HNC528R with Fridge




  • Brand: BRUHM
  • Model No: BWD-HNC1196R
  • 3 Faucets (Hot, Ambient & Cold)
  •  Color: Black and Gold
  • Cooling power: 85W
  • Cold water temperture: ≤10°C
  • Hot water temperature: ≥90°C
  • Heating power: 500W
  • With Fridge
  • Child Lock
  • Low Noise Technology
  • Hi-Quality Steel Water Tanks
  • Easy to Use Push Tap
  • Auto Temperature Control
  • World Class Safety Features
  • Stylish Double Door
  • Piano button Control
  • Stainless steel food-grade water tank
  • Automatic water temperature control
  • Anti-overflow design
  • Bottom loading
  • High efficiency compressor cooling
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