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DAKO 6 Burners Gas Cooker


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DAKO 6 Burners Gas Cooker with model DAKO 6B.

It is designed to be easy to use, reliable and fast.

It comes with 6 Gas Burners. Cooking is easy and fun with this incredible appliance, it stands out from its kind with its numerous incredible features. It comes with 6 burners which enables you to cook many meals at once.

It is designed with stainless steel and aluminium, which is one of the finest materials used in making cooking appliances. The DAKO 6 Burners Gas Cooker is compact, thereby creating more space in your kitchen for other appliances to come in.

The unique finishing on this 6-burner gas cookers helps protect your cooker against rust and extend its functional life. The Auto-Ignition burner on this 6-burner gas cooker helps save energy because you need less gas to light up your burners, hence helping you reduce your gas costs.

  • 6 Burner
  • Brand: Dako
  • Product Type: Gas Stove
  • Oven Light
  • Gas-saving Technology
  • Efficient and Safe Automatic Ignition
  • Rust Resistant Teflon Finishing
  • Strong, durable pot support
  • One Year Warranty
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