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The LG AUD 3535 5.1 Channel Bar Speaker Home Theatre is an amazing and versatile sound output device with a lot of unique features. Enjoy cinema sound experience right in the comfort of your room with this LG channel bar speaker system. Be at the centre of incredibly rich sound and in the heart of the action when you watch movies or live football matches with family and friends. This speaker home theatre comes with a distinct wireless subwoofer feature that allows you enjoy superb sound quality with distinctive style in any location. Free yourself from hassles of wires as wire management is reduced with this wireless active subwoofer.

The LG AUD 3535 5.1 Channel Bar Speaker Home Theatre allows you stream music wirelessly from your smart phones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices for a more versatile listening experience. Simplicity is key here as there are no wires needed. Simply connect your smartphone or tablet to the LG bar speaker home theatre and enjoy your endless music playlists via Bluetooth. You can also connect this speaker home theatre to your TV for better sound output via optical audio connection. Who needs so much speakers and wires around when you can simply get a better sound from a single and wireless bar.


  • Audio Type: Home Theatre
  • Speaker (Vertical): Yes
  • Wireless Woofer: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • 300 RMS: Yes
  • Optical Audio Connector to TV: Yes

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