LG Refrigerator REF 262 SV




The LG Refrigerator REF 262 SV has a capacity of 257 L, it has a generous space and helps to utilize space effectively. It is important to note that the size of this fridge does not in any way undermine its cooling capacity.

Its no secret that our health is just as good as our wealth; keep fruits and vegetable fresh and crisp in this LG Refrigerator REF 262 SV  Refrigerator at all time. It has a cooling retention capacity of over 48hrs. The door of this fridge comes with bottle holder compartments and egg tray.

LG Refrigerator REF 262 SV comes with LED lighting system that allows you to enjoy luxurious looking and bright fridge, no overheat, semi-permanent and space-saving bulbs. With most refrigerator users complaining about the easy breaking handle structures, you can now smile and worry less with Non-breakable handle feature in the LG Refrigerator REF 262 SV.

It works with low voltages and can survive constant voltage fluctuations. It is also very easily maintainable. This is due to the anti rust outer body and the inner body is made with galvanized metal.

Upon purchase of the refrigerator unit, it comes packaged with a user manual and a warranty card. LG products have been trusted for many years which gives customers enough reason to be at peace with themselves and their pockets when buying this product.

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